"Our Declaration of Dependence on God!"

What would you do if our government told us we could not preach or teach the Word of God in our country? What if you were told to remain silent about your Faith in Jesus?

First, we must remind ourselves that JUSTICE is God's stated Will! Prophets denounced injustice as a perversion (Isaiah 59:16-17; Habakkuk 1:3-4). Prophets spelled out our responsibility to seek and practice justice, making it important and pleasing to God: (Zechariah 8:16-17; Michah 6:8; Amos 5:15). Since God loves justice, why should we tolerate injustice?

We must recognize that as Christians we hold a dual citizenship: "As citizens of America, our Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech, freedom of (not from) religion, the right of dissent and the right to petition the government for the correction of injustices. These rights are protected by las and cannot be arbitrarily denied by those who oppose the Gospel of Jesus and seek to intimidate and silence Jesus's witnesses. The founders of our nation believed and stated in the Declaration of Independence certain 'inalienable' rights (from God, thus no government could take them away)!"

As citizens of God's Kingdom, we are commanded to engage the world and make a difference for the sake of Jesus (Matthew 5:13-16; Mark 16:15). We have a right to proclaim our Vision: Jesus Is Lord! We have a right and responsibility to follow our Mission: Love God - Love Others! Our rights are a precious, God-given heritage that we MUST cherish and defend vigorously.

I am proud to be a Christian in America! We are free in Jesus to be a beacon, a lighthouse and hope for the world. Jesus says: "You are salt and light!"

This IS my Declaration of Dependence!

In His Service and Yours, 
Pastor Mike

-Sunday School at 9:30 AM for all ages

-Sunday Worship at 10:45 AM (Wear Red, White and Blue) - Worship is on Facebook live or for viewing at a later time. We will observe celebration of Indepence Day.

-Wednesday Bible Study at 6:00 PM in the Book of I Thessalonians. with Administrative Board immediately following at 7:00 PM. Hope to see all our leadership here!

-Thursday Bible Study at 6:30 PM in Pastor Mike and Linda's home studying the Book of Romans. You may also join on Conference Call (660) 220-2360.

-BABY SHOWER for Zach and Carla's baby on July 10th at 1:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall. We are blessed to shower these three with the Love of Jesus!

-Hail and Farewell Carry-in Luncheon on Sunday, August 7th for Pastor Mike and Linda, and for our Interim Pastor Jime and Lucy Robinson. We will meet immediately following worship. Come and join in the fellowship and food!

JOYS and CONCERNS - Remember this week our Military men and women; our POW/MIA personnel; our nation and its leaders; Our tremendous freedoms; Cancer Patients; Cathy Bagby, Dixie Thomas, Susie Staples, Mike Holtz, Tara Huff, Don Smith, Ruthie Bryan, and others; Judy Hunt, Jr. "Duke" Ward and Doug Drake's mom in nursing homes; Supreme Court decisions; continued violence in our land; COVID rise; Ukraine War; Refugee Crisis; Train wreck at Mendon; safety for all this weekend; pray for our church; the need for Jesus in our world!

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Is there a subject or series of sermons you might like to hear from our pulpit? Pastor Mike will approach it from the perspective of scripture, tradition, reason and experience. Let him know!


June 27 - Declan Soddenheimer

June 28 - Cale Wilhite

June 28 - Lindsey Jacoby Soddenheimer

June 29 - Jim Robinson

July 2 - Trey Marble

July 4 - Shirley Evers

July 8 - Miles Thiel


(None Noted)

Thought for 4th of July:

"Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord..."
Psalm 33:12

Our Challenge:

Our Mission - Love God — Love Others!

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